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Aug 17 2012

Sometimes the littlest things, are the BIGGEST things!

School started last Monday. So I am all the way into week 2. My 17ish kiddos are great. They are brilliant, they have personalities, I can be real with them, they push me to be a better teacher, planner, person…

I really can’t say enough about them. Even though I have a few tough cookies, they are totally manageable, and they can even talk like adults…which is awesome, sometimes ;-).

I got to have my friend S repeat this year as he wasn’t old enough to go to Kindergarten and he is on an IEP and needs more work. I have spoke about him before on this blog. He lights up my world. He is non-verbal, yet speaks volumes. I know his every quirk, and yet he suprises me each day. So I thought I would share a story about him today!

A few days ago, I introduced the “milk bucket” to my kiddos. The instructions were to pour their milk in the milk bucket before they throw their milk carton away to help out our custodians back. (so thankful for custodians, right?) This morning, two days later, I caught S who has NEVER even touched a milk carton (he drinks water out of a bottle with a straw), PRYING open his milk carton. He had to work really hard at it, it was pretty cute seeing the determination on his face. Once he got it open, he walked over to the bucket, poured his milk out, and then through his milk carton in the trash can. The best part of this story is that, my TA and I both noticed and praised him but then other students in my class started praising him, giving him high-fives, and asked if he could earn us a kindness heart. It was TOOOOOO cute. seriously. The little moments are the BEST moments!

That was the highlight of my day. Welcome to Pre-K! :-)

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