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Jul 14 2012

Year 1 done, Hello Year 2

Well, today was the last day of Institute and my time as a Faculty Advisor. I learned so much this summer. I especially grew as an advocate for children, a coach for other teachers, and in my own teaching abilities.

Next week marks the last week of Year 1. We are packing up classrooms and moving to a new building, all while having children in the classroom of course! I have had the opportunity to watch my future co-teacher grow this summer as she was a CM at my school. It has been nice to have her around to ask questions about our classroom and help show her the ropes earlier than they were shown to me.

In year 1 I learned a lot! I learned that I am a great teacher but I must be more purposeful. I learned that I have a voice and I can be an advocate not only for children but TFA in Oklahoma. I learned that working with non-TFA teachers is such a blessing. I learned that my site director is my biggest asset. I learned that I have a place in this movement, even if I sometimes feel lost.

In year 2 I hope to learn more about myself. I feel a little lost in my own personal world and am needing to find my way. I hope to create a new teaching model at CAP with the help of 3 other fabulous teachers. I hope to make an impact at CAP that shows how important teachers are. I aim to be more purposeful and driven in everything I do. I hope to create lasting friendships with these people in OK. I hope to help my students grow, and not just in percentages but as little citizens of our community. I hope to really invest parents in their child’s education this year.

Although year 1 and year 2 are feeling very connected, I know exactly what I will change about year 2.

I just have to find myself in all of this teacher jumble…who am I? Where am I going? What can I be?

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