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Aug 30 2011

Who knew a text message could make a teacher cry?!

Tonight I recieved a text message from a parent.  It said, “C said, “I’m so happy, my room 32 came to my house.”” (My coteacher and I completed our first two home-visits after school, one of them being C’s house).  I replied, “Aww, we are so very glad to have him in our room!!” and what came next is the part that made me cry. Mom said, “Thank you guys for what your doing :)”

I know that what I am doing is important. I come to school every morning…and even though I am exhausted I know that my job is the most important job in the world. These students are depending on me to give them the knowledge they need in order to become citizens of our world. BUT when a parent says what I am doing is important…that is…well honestly I am kind of speechless.

This little boy spent Open House crying the entire time and I honestly was scared out of my mind because he was so terrified to leave his mom and did not want to be in school. In the 3 short weeks we have been in school, C started out throwing up and crying the first 10 minutes of school, but by the end of the first week, C now says, “bye mom” when he enters the room and grabs his name and answers the mystery question. We are all kind of shocked at how much improvement he has made in the last 3 weeks…and after our home visit and that text message…I know what we are doing in room 32 is going to change this little boys view of school and life for the better…

Which is why I Teach for America, Oklahoma, Tulsa, my classroom, and their parents.

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  1. megan

    Inspirational. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Monique Ayotte-Hoeltzel

    Well, now you just made me cry too. I just love this story very much. Keep doing what you’re doing. It is SO very important.

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