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Aug 07 2011

On the eve of my first day of school…

To be honest. I can’t really think straight, but I will try.

Last week, I spent the week at my school preparing the classroom and learning about our new State of the Art Curriculum. This curriculum my friends, is going to be life-changing for me as a teacher and for my students. I can’t even begin to explain the components but the biggest and best part is that my students will be practicing self-regulation and imaginitive play all year long. These two components are HUGE for 4 year olds.

On Friday, I met 12 of my new babies! I can’t believe how big they are! They are going to turn my world upside down, I just know it! My coteacher and I are just beyond excited for tomorrow and showing the children what opportunities they have ahead of them!

On Saturday, I had TAL training all day because I wasn’t able to do Orientation because of my schools start date. That was a very long day but I have about half my vision drafted so that is good. I got home at 6 and there was a giant thunderstorm coming (Praise God for Rain) BUUUUUUTTT¬†I haven’t had power since 6:15pm last night because this storm took out most of our power lines and trees in my neighborhood. This makes everything in general more difficult but I especially have had issues because I apparently can’t remember everything that uses electricity. haha I showered but had nothing to dry my hair. I turned on my computer but had no internet. I used my phone but then quickly realized I had no way to charge it. So my dog and I did a lot of laying, sleeping, and using the flashlight to check the air conditioner to see the temp in the house (81 degrees when I left to come find a source of electricity).

SO, I am going to be positive. I get 4 more hours in my classroom this afternoon to make last minute touches. I believe it will be air conditioned and in the least, I can charge my phone while I am there! haha

Off to get some work done!

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    Congratulations! Your post has been featured on the Teach For Us homepage.

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