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Jul 14 2011

I believe in TFA.

Today my students took their end of institute summative assessments and they went from a 51% diagnostic score in math to a 80.6% summative score. I don’t care who you are, that is amazing. I am beyond proud of my Second Grade Superstars. I feel like along the way I doubted myself and my abilities to get them to where they needed to be. When I looked at our OSAT scores this evening I realized, holy crap, we did it! Not everyone reached their goal, but they made HUGE gains in attempting to get there!

Esteban, the boy I spoke about a couple posts ago. He ran up to me when he finished his math assessment, a HUGE smile on his face, and said, “I CAN do it!!!” The word “can” has been our main topic of discussion with Esteban because every time he felt frustrated he said, “I can’t do it!” Today, I finally saw in him the belief that he could do it, and he did.

There are so many success stories, and a few not-so-success stories but all-in-all this summer was 100% worth every bit of lost sleep, frustration, and struggle. I have become a better teacher. I know this because, I truly see what my students are doing each and every day that is showing me they are learning. I know they are leaving me tomorrow, ready for second grade. I really didn’t think I would be saying that, especially around week 3, but I am, and so dang proud of it!!

I hope that everyone gets an amazing institute experience like mine. In the end I hope everyone can say…

I believe in TFA.

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  1. We did it! :)
    Ashleigh!!! I didn’t know you had a blog–now we can really stay in touch!! haha

    I love this reflection… (mainly because they’re my kids too so I know exactly how you’re feeling.)
    :) They’re gonna do great. We did some good this summer!

    Safe travels!

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