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May 23 2011

I have a job…and now I am stressed…

All this time I thought, I will find out my placement in July like they kept telling me for the last few months.  I kept telling all my family that I wouldn’t know till then….and they insisted on asking me, “if you could have your choice, where would you teach?” I always laughed because I don’t really know.  I have wanted to be a teacher for most of my life and I always knew I would teach wherever I could get a job…so I really don’t care, I just want to teach children and feel rewarded. 

Right now, I am beyond done with the school I am at.  I found this job literally the day before school started and had NO time to get the classroom in my control.  There was confusion on who the teacher was and with most of my students not speaking english it just made for a very confusing first few months.  I see now at the end of the school year and having 8 days of school left that if I could have started out my year on top of my game, I would be a  much happier teacher at the moment.  ON TOP OF the actual school being a terrible place where they are not advocates for children and it really bothers me that they do the bare minimum to get by so that they can keep money rather than use all the available resources to help the children…it is just frusterating…

SOOO, I got an email on Tuesday saying, “Your placement is Official!!” Umm, WHAT? It isn’t July, I haven’t even finished my pre-institute work and I have a job?? I found out I will be teaching at the local Community Action Project working with 4-year-olds.  I am super excited because I desperately wanted Pre-K, it is what I teach now and I am comfortable with it. I heard alot of crazy stories about this program so I went and took a look for myself and I actually really enjoyed myself.  Although I felt the place was a little bland and didnt have much color, you could feel the support within the school which is something my current school has NONE of. The children wanted to be there. They wanted to learn, even if there were only 8 days of school left.

So needless to say, I have a job but I am a little stressed because I didn’t think I would know this soon and it puts a little added pressure on me because they start school much earlier than the public school system so I do not get that week of “vacation” to take a breather. And because I am Type A, I will constantly think about my school until its time to start now that I know what it looks like!  I am grateful to have a job and know that the people I will be working with next year are already willing to help me understand their program, answer any questions, and are true advocates for the children in their program!

I think that is enough gibberish for today :-) only 2 weeks till Induction!? What!!?! I can’t believe its almost here!

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  1. Briana B.

    I received my placement at the Community Action Project in Tulsa as well and am soooo nervous. I’ve never been to Oklahoma but am excited to experience something new!!!! Thanks for posting this. Good to know someone else is feeling the same way I do. I’ve never taught children that young but it should be interesting,

  2. Wess

    I never, ever thought I’d find someone who was stressed because they found out their placement too EARLY!!! :P You’re a rare breed. But don’t be too stressed. If Tulsa’s so on top of it that they’re placing people two months earlier than expected, you’re be in good hands.

    Careful about putting too many eggs in the starting-on-top-of-your-game basket, though. Chances are you’ll be pretty stressed around the start of your school year, and you don’t want to let a potential rough start make you think you won’t succeed during the rest of the year. Hopefully you won’t have a rough start at all, of course, but–just remember, it’s never too late to change your game, no matter what environment you’re in.

    Can’t wait to read all about those babies!

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