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Feb 08 2011

Email Blasts

First, I just want to say, WHY is the password for this site so dang hard?! I had to put it in my phone because there is NO WAY I can remember it. Anyone know of a way to change it into something I can remember?

Second, I just got my first “Email Blast” from TFA-Oklahoma and while it was VERY lengthy, it got me really excited. Of course anything that remotely mentions TFA gets me pretty excited. 

Third, I am struggling with figuring out if I want to stay in Tulsa or if I want to request to go to OKC. I realize many people do not get this decision but because OKC is new this year we get to request to go either place with TFA making the final decision. I have lived in Tulsa my entire life, with the exception of the 4 years in Stillwater which is an hour between both cities.  It would be EASY to stay in Tulsa. I have family here, a home I can live in until I get settled financially enough to move out, and a mother that would by my groceries for me everyday. It would be EASY to stay in Tulsa. I am struggling because the reason I chose TFA (besides wanting to help children, and reduce the achievement gap) was because I needed a change from my normal. When I found out OKC was an option I began to think alot. OKC would be different, I would have to depend on myself for a change, I would have to budget better, I would have to get out there and make friends. Although it wouldn’t be EASY, it would be a change from my normal.

So I guess I will keep thinking. I would love some advice even though I know in the end it is what my head and heart decide, but advice is always helpful.

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  1. You can change your password if you go to your dashboard, click on the Users button on the left side of the page, select My Profile, scroll down the bottom of the page.

    As far as Tulsa vs. OKC…I’d probably go to OKC just to have something different. It’s not that far away from Tulsa if there is a serious issue, and it would allow you to stretch your wings while maintaining that “Sooner” kind of feel.

    • adhelmick

      Thank you for the password help! It is the small things in life that make me happy!

      Also, thanks for the advice, but I am assuming you are not from around here because “sooner” isn’t in my vocabulary ;-) I am a cowboy, born and bred! haha but again, I appreciate your advice!

  2. Wess

    Ooohh, tough choice. Some thoughts:

    Don’t forget the HUGE difference that OKC being a brand-new region will make, too–both positive and negative.
    Being in a charter corps has been hands-down THE most inspiring part of being in TFA for me. It’s amazing to be part of the energy of a brand-new TFA staff, brand-new CMs, and a brand-new impact on a community. You’ll get to shape peoples’ views of TFA. Or, if you choose, you can have the fact that you’re a corps member be something people don’t really know. You’ll be a part of the first steps of the movement in your city There’s NOTHING like it. And you feel totally badass and hard-core.
    However–being in a charter corps is HARD. First-year teachers already feel like they have no idea what’s going on, and in most TFA regions, they have the 2nd-year CMs to kind of show them the ropes. If you have no 2010 CMs, there will BE no norm; there will BE no status-quo. You’ll start the year with a lot more unanswered questions in OKC than you would in Tulsa. Also, the logistics of setting up a region aren’t fully in place for the first year… certification details might be fuzzy for a while, or hiring/job placement might be up in the air for longer… there’s just going to be a lot more uncertainty, and a lot fewer people to ask, in a charter region than in one that’s already established.

    All that said, I wouldn’t trade being in a charter corps for the world. Our corps is 98 strong, and we’re much closer as a region than I think we’d be if we didn’t have to figure everything out the hard way together. And I live much closer to the mission of TFA when I feel like I’m lighting the first fires every day.

    … just some stuff to consider.

    • adhelmick

      Thanks for the advice. I didn’t even look at it from that perspective, just my own personal issues. Thanks for bringing up those thoughts, it will help in making my decision!

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